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Easy At-home Remedies To Soothe Your Dry Skin

Easy At-home Remedies To Soothe Your Dry Skin

Dry, itchy skin. Urgh... it's awful! Whether it's caused by ageing, a skin condition or sh*tty weather conditions, having dry skin every day is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world.

Clinically called xerosis, dry skin occurs when the outer layers lack natural moisture and oils, leaving your gorgeous epidermis looking dulled, chipped, uneven and itchy AF! ' If left untreated, dry skin can crack and become painfully infected. Some store-bought treatments to remedy dry skin can be expensive AF, ineffective or cause unwanted reactions due to the chemicals within them. No one wants sore, blotchy skin. 

You may possess some of these symptoms.

Dry skin includes -

- Tight, uncomfortable feeling

- Looks and feels rough

- Itching,

- Fine lines or cracks on the skin surface 

- Ashy, dulled finish 

- Unevenness 

- Deep cracks that can lead to bleeding 

All is not lost girl! There are plenty of effective and soothing at-home remedies that are easy to prep and can temporarily relieve dry skin until you get your next batch of moisturisers. Most of the treatments below are all-natural and often essential ingredients in moisturisers today. 


Natural Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub 


With the cold weather around the corner, it's time to up the ante on your skincare routine. Combat the cold by making an exfoliating scrub of olive oil and sugar from your kitchen cabinet. Simply combine 1/2 cup of sugar with two tbsp of olive oil. Feel free to add essential oils like soothing lavender oil to promote relaxation and add fragrance. Exfoliate your face and problem areas for two minutes then wash off. Use a non-fragrant moisturiser afterward to lock in the benefits of freshly moisturised and exfoliated skin. 


Calm your skin with a milk and oats bath (yes you read that correctly) 


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This rule is pretty much the same with skincare. Ground oats can soften, soothe and exfoliate dry skin without irritating or causing further damage to problem areas. Milk, meanwhile, is a mild natural anti-inflammatory as it contains lactic acid. Adding a cup of oats and another cup of milk is a great way to rehydrate the skin and encourage the outer layers to retain the warm moisture from the milky bathwater. 


Bust out the good old aloe vera


A popular natural remedy for sunburn, aloe vera gel is also helpful for the winter months when dry skin is common. Massaging aloe vera gel alleviates redness and irritation related to excessive dryness and can clinically decrease signs of aging and acne breakouts. If you suffer from mainly dry hands, you can try leaving the aloe vera gel on overnight with the help of disposable gloves

Apply natural coconut oil before bedtime


Coconut oil is a fantastic, safe and effective replacement of petroleum jelly for treating dry skin. Similar to petroleum jelly, coconut oil can boost and lock in skin hydration by increasing the number of lost lipids (fatty acids) on the skin surface, as well as have emollient properties. This occurs when fat or natural oils act as a moisturiser by filling in cracks or gaps within dry skin, making it supple and smooth. 

If you're not fond of the oily texture, coconut oil solidifies at room temperature which can apply as a moisturising cream at night. 


Easy tips to avoid a dry skin relapse


Regularly apply moisturisers and emollients after bathing to lock hydration back into the skin surface. You can also prevent dry skin by avoiding things triggering dryness, including: 

- Scratching the skin

- Being in excessive air conditioning

- Shaving using a blunt razor or without shaving gel

- Bathing too often 

- Rubbing the skin too hard when towel drying

- Using lotions that contain alcohol

- Wearing too-tight clothes and synthetic fabrics that rub the skin

- Avoid contact with washing detergents

- Sitting under direct heat from a heater or fire

Have a fun spa day girls!


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