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10 Ways to maximize your workout

10 Ways to maximize your workout

Alright babe, no more wasting time with your workouts! From improving your mental health to a solid 'reducing your risk of dying' from anything, there are many non-weight/running related reasons to get your body moving.  It's A-okay if your main motivation for working out is to lose weight in the name of health. However working out is also beneficial for building metabolism, gaining muscle, and reduce those pesky calories we keep on piling up. 

Would we say these tips are easy? No. Nothing is easy when it comes to working out and getting to your goals... but they are helpful and super beneficial to you! Here's how you can maximise your workout if you're still working from home/just getting back into the workforce! 

Do Something You Enjoy

 This sounds obvious but you have to do a workout that you'll actually enjoy. A workout that will help you lose fat and not hate literally every second of will be the one you will more likely work harder, and stick to more consistently. If you hate long-distance running like this copywriter, I can guarantee you can still lose weight without running.


Don't Fear Weights 

Surprisingly, lifting weights burns as many calories as doing cardio. Hitting the weights builds muscles. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn after you leave the gym! 


When All Else Fails, Do Some Cardio

Can't swing a gym membership or can't afford a spin cycle class, just do cardio! No matter how in shape you are, go for a brisk power walk, hop on your bike or jog up and down the stairs several times - every little bit counts (and burns calories!) 


Take A Rest Honey

This seems like the opposite of what you want to do, but overworking leads to burnout and injury. Healthy weight loss takes time so you need to train smart and have adequate recovery days to ultimately get you to your goals. Set aside at least two to three rest days per week and swap out the high-intensity workouts for a relaxing yoga session, a nice walk, or a day of binge-watching You again. 


Incorporate HIIT Twice To Three Times A Week

If you're not a runner or big on cardio training (like this copywriter!), try HIIIT which involves alternating between intervals of all-out effort and recovery. When you switch things up, the systems in your body have to adapt and the more work you give your body, the harder it has to work to get the job done! 

Warning: Do not attempt to do HIIT every day. Three, maybe four times a week should be more than enough. Your muscles should have ample time to recover. HIIT is also a great option for full-time workers who want to get their heart-rate and strength up, but don't have time to hit the gym after. 


Stop Wasting Time Between Exercises

The longer you can keep your heart-rate elevated, the harder your body has to work. Try a limit your rest time as much as possible. Try to take 30 to 50-second breaks, alternatively inhale five deep breaths and start your reps again.


Plan Playlists Strategically

This copywriter is more partial to podcasts, but listening to music that pumps you up can help push you harder - and burn all the calories! Relive your inner tween and bust out some Cascada!


Focus On Full-Body Moves

The more muscles you can get into action, the more calories you will burn. Do a variety of reps from bicep curls, core stretchy to lunges. This will also make your workout feel less repetitive.


Re-Think Your Post-Workout Snack

It's easy. If you're not truly hungry, then don't eat When you do chow down, ensure your snacks contain protein and carbs (0.14g of protein per pound of body weight is a good benchmark). Sweet potato, whole grains, a lean chicken sandwich, or tofu salad are good snacks.


Sip Water During Your Workout

Babe, stay hydrated! PLEASE! Proper hydration ensures you can work out at the intensity you need to maximise your calorie burn! 

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